About Mary Anne Gianino

DSC_4018Hello!  I’m Mary Anne Gianino!  I am a woman, much like yourself, who wears many hats in this world.  I’m a wife, daughter, sister, friend, business owner, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Spiritual Coach, Past Life Healer, Tarot and Angel Card Reader, and a Spiritual mentor.  I love crystals, angels, fairies, essential oils, sacred perfumes, candles, and all things magical and enchanting.  My favorite place in the world is home, including my own backyard, where birds and wind chimes play their music.  Some days, I like to get dressed up and feel pretty, and some days, I’m all about yoga pants and feeling comfy.  I’m truly passionate about helping women to heal, connect with, and reunite with who they truly are as a valuable, magnificent, creative expression of the Divine in this world.

I didn’t come to the spiritual path because I only attended classes, read books, and completed assignments.  I do hold a Masters Degree in Public Health from Columbia University.  I am a Reiki Master in the Usui Tradition, a Certified Crystal Healer through the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy, a Past Life Healer through Doreen Virtue, and have studied Tarot and other divination techniques quite extensively.  While I was a good student all the way through graduate school thanks to my Type A personality, and while that education was absolutely important, it didn’t heal me.  The healing process began only when I fully surrendered to Spirit and was willing to see the Truth in myself and the faultiness of my belief systems about myself and my world.

My own journey of healing began many years ago after two very scary health crises.  While I physically came through on the other side, I was forever changed, both physically and spiritually.  One of the biggest misconceptions about healing is that it’s equivalent is curing.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I was not cured by going down the spiritual path, but I have absolutely been healed.  And I will take healing over curing any day of the week and twice on Sunday!  (Read more about this HERE!)  Curing implies the absence of a physical malady or symptoms.  To me, healing implies the ability to transcend all of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual implications of that malady.  Healing can happen whether we have been wounded emotionally or physically.  Healing means we’ve found the joy again, we’ve connected with ourselves again, and we’ve connected with Source again.

This is why I’ve become so passionate about sharing what I have learned with other women.  The Dalai Lama was once quoted as saying that the “World could be saved by the Western woman”.  I believe that this is possible, but only if the Western woman begins to heal herself first.  And the truth is, only she can heal herself.  When women begin to fully embrace every aspect of themselves, miracles happen!  When we heal thought patterns and beliefs that leave us feeling less than, miracles happen!  When we begin to use our mind as the tool that it is rather than become a slave to that tool, miracles happen!

My purpose in this Earth School is to help you remember you; to help you un-become all the things that you have built up inside of yourself that keep you from living the life that you want and deserve.  To help you reconnect with your true nature that is utterly worthy, magical, and divine.  To remind you that you are needed and wanted in this world right now because every part of you is a gift.  To help you remember and channel the divine wisdom that has always lived inside you, which can then create and manifest more Light in this world.

It is my honor and privilege to walk this road alongside you on your journey.

Much love to you now and always,
Mary Anne

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