August 2016 Oracle Card Reading

Welcome to August!

The general theme seems to continue from July, which has asked us to restore and recharge our batteries and to get in alignment with our Higher Self or Soul. 

As July unfolded, I was amazed (although I shouldn’t have been!) of how accurate and necessary that guidance was from the Goddesses.  I shared the video on my Facebook page several times throughout the month because I felt we all needed the reminder that we need to stay strong and refill our wells.

The theme of receptivity is quite strong right now. 

I pull an oracle card daily from different decks on the Facebook page, and lately, nearly every day, it’s been calling us to recharge and refill, to be willing to receive.  (If you would like to see the daily oracle card, come on over and “Like” the page HERE!)

This month, I used the Archangel Michael oracle cards because he is such a strong protector and an angel that cuts to the chase.  In my experience, he doesn’t mince words, and he ALWAYS has our back.  We need that now, individually and globally.

This month, Source is calling us to heal ourselves, to remain in alignment with our Soul or Higher Self, and to practice self-care and forgiveness.

Events in the outer world can pull us off our center, if we allow them to.  This does not mean that you live in denial or put your head in the sand, but it does mean that you have the power within yourself to remain steadfast in the face of all of the turmoil and change. 

That is the call of the Lightworker: to transmute the energy; not deny that it’s there. 

How do you do that when this illusion that we live in is so convincing?

It requires you to remember in every moment that Love will win in the end.  And sometimes, things don’t look that way that we think that they should.  Nothing here in 3D is technically “perfect” from our perspective, although in truth, it is divinely perfect. 

We are here to learn, and there is much learning going on right now.

I read something recently, that all of this has been going on forever, but right now, as we head into a planetary shift, all of the muck is fully coming to light.  We can’t turn away from it anymore.  We aren’t able to deny it anymore.  We aren’t able to live in a bubble anymore.  We are being called to change, transmute, and be reborn.  The old has to die for the rebirth to happen.  I believe that is where we are right now.

And that means, more than ever, you have to focus on mastering yourself, living in alignment with your Higher Self, having respect for yourself and others, and living in integrity.  Do not betray your Soul any longer.  It is begging for each one of us to listen.

Take some time this month to work on your inner life. 

Take the time you need to heal, to recharge, to refill the well.  You deserve it and you need it. 

Because when you are refilled, the whole world benefits.  And the world needs all of you right now.