Calling all Lightworkers…

As I was getting ready to do this newsletter and blog today, I wasn’t sure what the topic was going to be.

When I write, I want it to be meaningful.  I want it to be current, useable, applicable, relevant.

And then I pulled the oracle card for Facebook this morning.  (If you haven’t joined me there, I do a daily affirmation and an oracle card every morning… to join me, click HERE)

And, the words, “that’s the blog post” came through.

So, here’s the card for today from my new Seeds of Shakti oracle card deck:



Diwali is the Hindu festival of light.  This year it falls on October 30th, the night of the new moon in October.  It honors the goddess, Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of abundance and light.

During this festival, people light lots of candles to shine light in the darkness.  They clean their homes, prepare lovely meals, celebrate their relationships, and dress in their best clothes.  They honor the triumph of the light, and invoke Lakshmi not for simply material abundance, but for the deeper, spiritual abundance.

So, why pull this card today, now, if Diwali is still 2 months away?

Because, we are in a period of Diwali.

At this time in what will one day be our history, we are being called to shine a light on the darkness. 

We are being called to be the Lightworkers that we came to this planet to be.



We are being called to look deeper into our own shadows to excavate the gold and the light there.

How do we do that?  How do we look into our own shadows?  It’s dark, right?  Doesn’t that mean we ignore so we don’t draw it out with our attention?


Your shadow is the part of you that you deny, that you repress, that was called ‘too this’ or ‘too that’.  The too much part.  Sure, it may be your darkness.  It may be your anger, your rage, your victim-ness, your wild, I want to party all the time-ness, your denial, your jealousy, any of these “darker” emotions you aren’t “supposed” to feel to be a good girl or boy in society.  If you deny that you have any of these qualities, maybe this is your shadow.

Or, if you are a Lightworker, your shadow could be your repressed Lightworker

The part of you that’s “too out there”.  The part of you that sees things no one else sees, feels too much, knows too much, doesn’t fit in with the norm or mainstream, and wouldn’t dare tell the world that this is who you are.

You don’t want anyone to know the magic you do…the oracle cards, the crystals, the energy healing, the books you read, the prayers you say, the visions you have.

Your esoteric, spiritual, boundless self that communes with nature and the Divine in deeply personal moments, lost in the world behind your eyes.

That past life experienced, incarnated lightworker who lives between the worlds, one foot in the material, one foot in the spiritual.

And depending on many factors, you may have denied this part of you for years.

That’s my shadow.  And I’m willing to bet, it might be yours, too.

I know many Lightworkers who feel alone because they see the world through very different eyes.

Even now, as I do this work, I don’t want to seem too “out there”.  I think, ‘don’t I have to bridge mainstream and spirituality?’  If I’m too “out there”, people might say I’m weird, odd, strange, insert adjective here…

But, the realization has come to me in recent weeks that that’s not what I signed up for, to play it safe, blend in, hide, not say too much.  And I don’t think it’s what you signed up for either.  And right now, we’re being called into action.

There’s a saying that goes something like this…

A lie is still a lie even if everyone believes it.  The truth is still the truth even if no one believes it.


That’s what this card, Diwali, is calling us to do…open up and shine the light on the truth.  Darkness can’t sustain itself in the presence of the light.  And the beauty is, it’s not a fight.  When you light a candle, it’s not a fight to get rid of a dark room.  The light just shines and the darkness dissipates naturally.

Your shadow, once integrated into your whole being, is no longer a shadow.  It’s no longer locked up in shame.

Your ‘out-there-ness’ is exactly what is needed right now.

Your light, which, paradoxically has been relegated to your shadow self, is exactly what is needed right now!


We don’t have the luxury any longer of hiding in the shadows, hoping to fit in, to be normal.  We’re here to be the Lightworkers.  We’re here to change the course of the planet.  We’re here to teach the world how to love, to see the truth, to understand the spiritual upheaval that we are undergoing, and to ascend beyond it.

Are you ready to join me? 

I’m ready if you are.