Embracing yourself as a Goddess


Goddess has become a pretty controversial word in the certain circles.


Every woman who comes to work with me gets called goddess.




Because I believe that every single woman on this planet deserves to know what it feels like to feel like a goddess because she IS a goddess.


Now, don’t get me wrong.  I don’t always feel like a goddess. 


In fact, right now, I’m sitting in my backyard with comfy shorts, a bum-around-the-house tshirt, flip flops, my wild hair thrown up, and toes that really need to have the nail polish taken off.


Hardly Goddess-like.the-special-genius-of-women-i-believe-to-beelectrical-in-movementintuitive-in-functionspiritual-in-tendency-margaret-fuller


Or is it?


Dictionary.com defines Goddess as: “1. a female god or deity. 2. a woman of extraordinary beauty and charm. 3. a greatly admired or adored woman.”


Now, we aren’t Goddesses as in deities, but women of extraordinary beauty and charm?  That’s us.  That’s every woman.  In her own way, in her own life. 


We’ve been plagued with the box for centuries.  Millenia even.  Women have been put into a box about what they should be, do, how they should act, what they should look like, what a beautiful woman is and isn’t. 


I vote for losing the box all together.


To me, living like and embodying the Goddess is about knowing your full worth. 


It’s about looking in the mirror and appreciating the face and body staring back at you.  It’s about never accepting anything less than love, respect, kindness, and compassion from yourself and others.  It’s about breaking through paradigms that are out of alignment with the real beauty and gifts of being a woman.


The gifts of being a woman…


Were we ever really told what the gifts of being a woman were, let alone the gifts of being a goddess?


Before I embarked on the spiritual path, and more specifically, the feminine spiritual path, I only heard people talk about the “curse” of being a woman.  The aggravation and inconvenience of being a woman. 


When I thought of the word “Goddess”, even if I wasn’t thinking of deities, I thought it was hokey.  The image of Aphrodite came to mind, and women who embodied her essence effortlessly that I wished I could just as effortlessly emulate.  


But, it was hardly an image that I would associate with myself. 




I’ve since learned that we ALL have an inner Aphrodite, sisters.  Yup.  All of us!


If you resist any part of this, whether it’s the archetype or energy of a specific Goddess, like I did, or the Goddess, Divine Feminine, in general, I would invite you to connect with Her even more and ask yourself what she represents in you or where you resist that part of yourself.    


The fact is that the Goddess is as expansive as you are.  She embodies every archetype, every pattern, that women could possibly express…


The young maiden.


The loving mother.


The sage, wise woman.


And everything in between.


She is the warrioress. 


She is the healer.


She is the Priestess.


She is the Queen.


She is the Keeper of wisdom and the keeper of secret knowledge.

She is the Seductress.


She is the comforter.


She is the nurturer.


She is the Lover.


She is the Protectress.


She is the Creatrix.


She is all of these things and more.


And you know what?


So are you.


Isn’t it about time that we started seeing ourselves as the Goddesses that we are instead of resisting the very essence of who we are?


I say it’s high time.


Are you ready to join me?  


Let’s start the revolution.