Part 2: 8 spiritual reasons why you might have dis-ease

Last week, I made a confession about the fact that I have physical pain on a daily basis in Part 1 of this 2 part blog series.  (You can read Part 1 HERE).  And I talked about a big misconception that we have that to be healed and to be cured are the same thing.  

In Part 2, I want to share why healing might look a little bit different than we expect with 8 spiritual reasons why you might have dis-ease.

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In healing and spiritual circles, we talk about the fact that the physical is a reflection of the spiritual. We talk about the Law of Attraction, how like attracts like, and since thoughts create reality and dis-ease is something that is unwanted, then we must be harboring negativity or thinking negative thoughts to create dis-ease.

Well, it’s not that simple.  (Learn more about releasing negative beliefs HERE!)

There are actually many spiritual reasons why we get dis-ease in the physical body.

canstockphoto12741445We can’t make it a blanket statement that if you are sick, you must be negative. If you have pain, you must be negative. Or if you are managing a chronic condition, you must be negative.  Healing can come in body, mind, and spirit. 

So let’s look at these 8 spiritual reasons why someone might be dealing with dis-ease.  (*Disclaimer: this is in no way intended to substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment in any way! *)

Negative thoughts and low vibration

Your thoughts and beliefs absolutely have a say so in your reality. Earlier this year, I had gone into this spiral of self-judgment. I was questioning a lot of things, why things weren’t going the way I thought they should at the speed I thought they should. I got down on myself big time. And guess what? I got majorly sick. For my birthday, no less! And I was down and out, bronchitis full on. I did that. I’m so powerful, I used my thoughts to bring down my vibration, which then invited sickness in my body. I became a vibrational match to bronchitis. And I take full responsibility for it. I’ve done it before. I’m sure you have, too. We’re human. Things bother us and get us down. But we can use this circumstance to recognize our own power and use it for positive effects.

Negative beliefs

I’m making this a separate category from thoughts because I think of beliefs as being deeper, rooted firmly in our psyche. For example, I used to be 85 pounds heavier.   My hormones were super messed up, and I really loathed what I saw in the mirror. I believed that worth was tied up in how I looked. I didn’t feel good about myself at all. My self-esteem was so low, I don’t even know if it registered! This belief, and boy was it negative, controlled my health and my body.

Trauma energy

When you have something traumatic happen in your life, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, it gets stored in your body like a memory. Your energy body, your chakras, are kind of like computer chips that store data, good or bad. If something happens traumatically that doesn’t get healed on a soul level (and this may take time; it’s not simply a quick fix!), it’s almost as if a piece of you is still in that moment, like a piece of your energy is still stuck right there. That means that not all of your energy is here, right now, in the present, and if that’s the case, you get depleted. That depletion can lead to physical issues.

Karma and/or past lives

We are eternal beings. We’ve likely lived many, many lifetimes, and I think of karma and past lives as sort of a carry over. How could it not? When you go to school, you take everything you learned with you into the next grade. You don’t leave 1st grade in 1st You take what you learned into 2nd grade. You don’t forget what happened. So, it would be no different with your Soul, even though your conscious mind may not remember. There are many researchers, including Dolores Cannon, Dr. Brian Weiss, and Dr. Michael Newton, among others, who have found extraordinary evidence that reincarnation is real.

Maybe you were a healer who was persecuted in a past life, and now, in this life, you are afraid to pursue your gifts. Now, you aren’t working on your real life purpose. That’s going to have an effect on your physical health. You are not negative and you are not receiving punishment! It very well may be a carry over from another time and place. People have also been known to have birthmarks where they were wounded in a previous life. So, that’s some food for thought…

Soul path or Soul Contract

meditation-1384758_1920I believe this is the case with me. This was an appointment that I set up in my soul contract long before I became “Mary Anne”.   What I do know is that it has changed my life for the better. I may have physical pain on a daily basis, but in every other area, I am healthier, lighter (literally and spiritually!), more aware, awake, conscious, and spiritual.

What if you put this into your plan for this life because it was going to teach you something? Or it was going to make sure that you get on the right path? What if it’s not a “punishment”? What if you elected for some challenges because you wanted to make big strides this time around? What if it’s like an accelerated path that your Soul chose?

Sometimes I think of it like this: Am I better equipped to help others because I deal with this?  When I was overweight, I would go to nutritionists who were supposed to help me lose weight…but they never had a weight issue, so they could never understand how I felt. I know I can relate to what others are going through because I live it on a daily basis. And I don’t know if there are any words more comforting than ‘me too’.  If this is the case for you, too, there’s a higher reason why you might be managing the chronic condition you have.

A wake up call to save your life

Maybe your illness or dis-ease was the best thing that could have happened to you because it caused you to wake up! Maybe you are healthier than you would have been otherwise, even though you manage a chronic condition. Maybe it’s the thing that keeps you in check. If you didn’t have this condition, maybe you wouldn’t be conscious of the food you eat, which could lower your vibration. What if your Soul or Higher Self is using this as a catalyst to get you back on track?

Shamanic initiation for your Soul

This one isn’t talked about much. To be initiated as a shaman, you would go to the edge of life and death, sort of between the worlds, a sort of death and rebirth where you become aware of who you really are. It can be a crossing of a threshold in your life, where you become aware of both sides of the veil, a knowing that more exists beyond the physical.

To carry some of the pain of this world


This world is suffering. A teacher of mine met a healer who took things on from her clients. It wasn’t a lack of shielding, and it wasn’t simply that she was an empath. She took on the pain for her clients. Yogis in India have done this for their students. In The Autobiography of a Yogi, Parmahansa Yogananda talks about his guru doing this. Catholics talk about taking on some of the suffering of Christ and the crucifixion, especially those with stigmata. What if you are being asked to carry some of the pain of the world with grace because your Soul is strong enough to relieve the pain of others? This is not to say you take on other people’s stuff or carry their karma! This is more of a spiritual, global calling where you may be asked to carry some of the world’s suffering.  What if your being called to something higher than you ever imagined?


I want to reiterate that I am not saying that you can’t be cured. But I am saying that if you have done all the things you need to do to be well, and yet, you still haven’t been cured, there are many reasons why that might be the case. And it doesn’t mean you are broken, it doesn’t mean you are negative, and it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you!

When we adjust our vision of this world and see it as Source see it, we begin to see that our vision of perfection is not accurate. God/Goddess/Source and our Higher Selves do not view this reality with the same perspective as us humans.  Where we may make a judgment, God sees perfection.

When we widen our lens on healing and what it means to heal, we can gain incredible wisdom and understanding. Healing is often paradoxical and may not be easily understandable. But, it is always accessible in every moment, even if it doesn’t look the way we expect.



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