Sacred Land, Sacred Body: Dakota Pipeline and Embrace Film

Something amazing is happening.

Our world, is waking up.

Maybe it seems gradual, but indeed, it’s happening.

This week, my Facebook feed has been filled with people talking about the Dakota Pipeline, wondering why it isn’t really in mainstream news.

Many are focusing on the fact that this is happening, and that is absolutely important, but I want to point out the fact that people are standing up and saying no.  And even if the “news” isn’t reporting on it much, people are talking about it, recognizing that something isn’t right.

When I’ve been discouraged about the world, I’ve heard my guides say to me, “there’s more of you”, meaning there are more of us who are good, honest, kind, loving people than there are those who are not.  But, for a long time, we’ve been quiet.

Now, people are getting louder.  We, the people, are getting louder.

If you have never stepped on sacred land before, let me tell you, there is nothing like it. 

Rob and I went to Sedona last year, and discovered a place that few visitors know about.  It was sacred land that over looked “Looking Rock”. 

Our guide for our Vortex tour told us how this place was so sacred, and the Native American tribes had protested the creation of a time-share golf resort and had lost.  The company built it up, but was required to leave this one area alone called Rachel’s Knoll.  There had been a Peace Pole and a medicine wheel, but all that was left was the amazing view. 

But, things didn’t go well for that company. 

They lost a lot of money on that property, and may have had to file bankruptcy…though I can’t remember.  They sold the property, and there are new owners now.  Either way, disrupting the sacredness of that land in the name of profit did not go well for them.

When we went to Sedona, I made my husband take me to Rachel’s Knoll every single day.  It was the most beautiful place in all of Sedona as far as I was concerned, and I honestly have never felt that way about a place ever in my life.


It was as if we needed permission to step on this sacred ground. 

I cried our last day.  I didn’t want to leave.  I felt so connected to Source, to Spirit, to the All, that I couldn’t hold the emotion.

There was such a presence there that I can’t explain with words.  To try would limit the experience.

On that trip, I truly understood what it meant to say that the Earth is alive. 

That the Earth is a real, sentient being, and that our definition of life, of what is alive, is SO limited. 

In so many ways, we’ve become so disconnected from the Earth, which is really the symptom of the fact that we have become completely disconnected from our OWN, true Nature.


But, in watching this happen in North Dakota, I am inspired.  Because we are collectively waking up.  And even if the news isn’t drawing attention to this, we are overriding that by talking about it and bringing awareness to this important issue.

And, it could be this or any other issue. 

Our job as Lightworkers is to transmute and transform. 

It’s not to ignore or pretend something isn’t happening by not giving it attention.  We can send love, prayers, Reiki, or healing energy to situations to raise vibrations and bring peace and healing. 

That’s what we came here for.  Solutions.  Transmutation.  Transformation.

Another AMAZING development is coming with the release of a new documentary called Embrace

It is about body image and the struggle that many women face, sometimes all our lives, to fit an unrealistic beauty standard.

The diet and weight loss industry cleared $64 billion in 2014, up from $60 billion in 2013.  Do you know the success rate that they have?  The generally accepted success rate is 5%, though it could range from 2-20% depending on who’s reporting and the study.

Umm…5%?!   And we give them $64 billion??!

Oh, and 80% of those dieters are women.

Why exactly are we trusting them to help us lose weight when their track record for success is so abysmal? 

And why are we listening to them tell us what beauty is?  So they can add to their billions in revenue at the expense of our self-esteem?

This comes at a synchronistic time as I’m going to be launching my first online class next month, Healing the Weight of the Soul, which walks women through healing issues with weight and self-esteem, and shares everything that I know and did to lose and keep off 85 pounds (hint: it’s hardly about food!).  In 6 modules of information, only ONE is about food and exercise combined because we’ve been sold a big lie. I’m tired of women being shamed into believing that they will only be good enough when they’re wearing a certain dress size and wasting precious dollars on diet programs that are designed to profit on our failure. 

The spell has to be broken, sisters.  For every one of us. 

But, it’s up to us to break the spell, and we absolutely have the power to do so.

I’m about to buy my ticket for the October 20th screening in my town.  Are you interested in joining me or gathering your own group of soul sisters in your area to see this documentary?!

You have to purchase your ticket first, and it will only play if enough people buy a ticket. 

Type in your city or a city near you and it will tell you whether the screening has “tipped”.  It will show you how many tickets have sold or need to be sold in order to show the film. 


This is HUGE! 

Can we join together, sisters?  Can we support each other in putting our foot down to unrealistic beauty standards?  Can we stop berating ourselves when we look in the mirror?  Can we support a fellow sister’s effort to shine a light on this needless body shaming?

I say YES!

If you live near me, I invite you to join me.  I’ll save you a seat!

So, in light of all this, I say, YES the world IS changing!

We ARE waking up!

We ARE taking our power BACK!

We ARE recognizing the SACREDNESS of our planet, our bodies, and OURSELVES!

I’m grateful to witness it. 

Because, remember, there’s more of us…