Soul Guidance for Women

shutterstock_212808412Sometimes, we all need a little guidance, a little nudge, and a little empowerment.  The Soul Guidance session is a blend of a tarot reading and mentoring session rolled into one.  Using a combination of tarot and oracle cards as a guide, we can work together to sift through challenges and hurdles you might be facing to create practical solutions that will help you shift your circumstances.

In my years of offering readings, there always seemed to include a bit of soul mentoring.  For example, your guides might tell you that you have a certain pattern or belief that is getting in the way of attracting new opportunities, but maybe you don’t know what that belief is or maybe you feel stuck as to how to change it.  I use my intuitive abilities and my knowledge of practical strategies that create shifts in energy and beliefs to help you best use and put into practice the Divine Guidance that you have received.

The purpose of this session is to get it all out on the table and tap into the infinite potential of the divine, soul solution.  Einstein told us that we would never be able to solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.  This is a session to do just that: shift perspective and tune into the solution.  Create a plan of action to help you achieve your goals and dreams.  Understand where a certain belief came from and how to shift it.

shutterstock_275521751Ultimately, you are your own best healer, and you are the only one who can create change in your life.  We are all connected with the Divine Mind.  But, we also all need support.  Sometimes, we all need someone to help us sort through things, to hold our hand as we take the courageous next step.  As women, we are so good at giving support to others that we sometimes forget that we need it for ourselves.  That’s my job.  To hold your hand, support you, and cheer you on as you move forward one step at a time.  I understand many of the unique challenges that women face in this world.  And I have learned that we do much better when we naturally tap into the Divine power that is within and around us to change our lives.  This session brings intuition, Divine support, logic, and practicality together to create shifts in your life.

It is my honor and privilege to witness your magnificence, sister!

Each session is one hour and is available via phone or Skype.  And you will have homework!

Single Session Cost: $100 each

Premium Package:  3 sessions  $270 (must be used within one calendar year)