When Politics, Spirituality, and Unity collide…

Did you know that I was a political science major in college?

Yup, American Politics!

Why the heck am I telling you this on a spiritual healing blog?

Because right now, all the worlds are converging. Politics and spirituality. They’re merging.

But not the way you think.

It’s not about which candidate you are going to vote for.

I’m absolutely not going to sit here and tell you who you should or shouldn’t vote for.

Am I being diplomatic by not telling you who you should vote for?


Not at all.

You know why?

It’s not my place to tell you what your opinion should be.

It’s not my place because I haven’t lived your life.  I don’t know your experience.

People, teachers, can offer information or education about any topic.  But, my job is to offer information and encourage individuality, not tell you what to think.

You are your own authority.

And in all honesty, if there was ever a place where things aren’t so cut and dry, it’s politics. There’s a whole lot of gray.

I shared an article on Facebook the other day from a gentleman who wrote about the Free Listening Project. If you didn’t see it, PLEASE CLICK & READ IT!  He talks about listening when you disagree. He also points out that we are people, not opinions, AND that everyone has their story. We have our reasons for our beliefs and opinions.

Now, I’m going to offer you the spiritual take on this.

            ***Disclaimer: What I’m about to talk about, the people I’m speaking about are the average person, not someone wishing to harm or hurt others.  And, I’m also not talking about any candidates themselves.  I’m talking about the majority of people who are good, decent people just living their lives everyday and how we treat each other.  I’m talking about how we can grow together in these circumstances. 

We live in 3D. Quantum Physics is proving that there are many dimensions of reality, so this isn’t woo-woo anymore.


chakras-310119_1280I see this as it’s kind of like we are living at the 3rd chakra, the Solar Plexus, level.

This is the level where we become individuals.

Yes, we live together on this planet as a collective, but we experience life as one person, an individual, and now, we have to learn how to live together, maintaining our individuality while respecting another’s individuality.

We’ve moved past 1st and 2nd chakras, almost like we move into the next grade level in school. We graduated, and we’ve reached individuality, 3rd chakra.



Each individual has their story, their life, their soul contract, their personal experience.

This is not bad or good. It’s just what is at this level of 3D awareness.

I’ve lived my experience. You’ve lived yours. We each have our own unique perspective.

There are 7 billion people on the planet, something like 318 million in the US.

That’s 7 billion individuals! 318 million individuals! Who’ve all lived different experiences!

And no two experiences are exactly the same! That’s pretty wild when you think about it…

Do you think that everyone is going to agree on everything, with all those individual perspectives? I don’t think so…

Think about it…do you and your spouse agree on everything? Probably not. How about your parents? Your best friend? Your siblings?

I think that’s where we have a big problem.

We think Unity means that we all think the same way, or that we have the same “right” opinion.

In other words, we have the “we’d have Unity if everyone thought like me ” mentality.

But that’s 1st chakra, Root Chakra, stuff! We’re living in the 3rd chakra.

Unity in the 3rd chakra isn’t that we all think the same way.

Quantum Neil Do

Unity in the 3rd chakra is respecting each other, treating each other with kindness and compassion as different individuals, ESPECIALLY when we don’t think the same way!
ESPECIALLY when we have different opinions.

ESPECIALLY when we have different perspectives and have lived different lives!

What growth would happen if we were all exact replicas of each other? What would we learn from one another? How would we learn how to cooperate?

In the article I shared above, those two people had different viewpoints on abortion. And each of them had their reasons; heartfelt, deeply personal reasons.

Neither of them is a bad person.

Their opinion is not a reflection of their character. It’s a reflection of their perspective and the life they’ve lived.

Everyone, with regards to every election and even every choice for that matter, is making what they feel is the best choice based on their options, based on what they know, and really are doing the best they can.  Of course there are exceptions, but by and large, people are doing the best they can with what they have.

There’s nothing wrong with them, and they are not bad people.

Disagreeing is also not a character flaw.  And it’s absolutely ok to disagree, to have a different opinion, and to share your wisdom with others to offer information! 

But, degrading or shaming another for their perspective will not change their mind, nor will it create change in our world. 

And honestly, no one elected official, no matter the office or the election, past, present, or future, can be the absolute savior of the world.  They can make a difference, yes, but truthfully, they are a reflection of us, the collective, and what we’ve manifested together.

In other words, Washington will change when we change.

It’s up to us to save ourselves and to change our world.

And in reality, in the big cosmic picture, that is going to happen when we get to a place of peace within ourselves as individuals, and extend that peace outward to everyone.  This is an inside job.

And we do that when we offer respect and compassion, especially when someone has a different opinion.

Because honestly, that’s when it counts the most.

And that compassion, that respect, that kindness, that willingness to hear someone’s perspective in that moment of disagreement, that is the reflection of every person’s character.

Now, don’t misunderstand – I’m not telling you not to express your opinion or your perspective or anything like that. You should because it helps us all learn and grow together. But, for every opinion you express, even to say that you think blue is the best color in the rainbow, someone else will have a different perspective.

So, to say, I don’t have the same opinion, I don’t have the same perspective, but I see you, and I hear you, let’s figure this out together…that’s character. That’s love. That’s the spiritual path.

Unity is not in making everyone the same. And neither is the spiritual path.

abstract-1297926_1280The real work of Unity is in allowing people to be who they were created to be, allowing people to be the individual that they are, respecting that someone might have a different perspective than you, and loving and respecting them anyway.

But, that’s why 3D is tough.

And that’s why we have so much potential for growth and learning.

It’s that shift in perspective that will propel us out of this (sometimes) messy 3rd chakra in Earth School and move us forward on our journey to graduate to a higher awareness.

And, I believe we’re on the cusp of graduation.